Pursuing the greater good-together
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PHFE is the nation’s premier catalyst for advancing program and support services to optimize population health. A leader in public health partnerships since 1968, PHFE partners with academic researchers, government agencies, foundations and private sponsors to offer a suite of program and administrative services.


Collaboration Our Values
We strive to ensure that the shared mission embodied in our public health partnerships are a blueprint for 21st century health and wellness.
We embrace the power that a diverse workforce and client-base brings to the advancement of our goals.
Health promotion
Our work focuses on advancing the health of our communities. We strive to model, promote and advance healthy behaviors in all that we do.
Our flexible fiscal sponsorship model serves to empower your needs in the pursuit of the greater good. We work with you to create relevant, client-centered solutions.
We seek to model the highest standards of ethics and transparency in all that we do.
We seek to provide reliable and consistent service to all of our partners through clear and concise professional guidance.
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